Dreamtime Southern X

Dreamtime Southern X Is pleased to announce that we have established our own booking office solely dedicated to our tours and cultural awareness programs. Previously Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) Managed bookings on our behalf.

Dreamtime Southern X Is 100% Aboriginal owned, and is proud to be one of Tourism Australia s ‘Indigenous Tourism Champion Members. This Elite group of product suppliers represents the best--‐of--‐the best Indigenous Experiences in Australia. The business success has consistently grown over past 5 Years and has positioned itself to expand its existing Cultural Experiences In Sydney.

Therefore, effective from 17 December please direct all reservations to:

Phone: 02 9517 4390 (dial +61 for international)

Mobile: 0428 661 019 (dial +61 for international)

Email: bookings@dreamtimesouthernx.com.au


For sales/marketing related enquiries please contact:

Margret Campbell: Managing Director

Phone: 02 9517 4390 (dial +61 for international)

Mobile: 0403 686 433 (dial +61 for international)

Email: marketing@dreamtimesouthernx.com.au