Corporate Cultural Awareness (Ngara Kungala)

This Cultural training package is designed to be a dynamic, interactive exchange explaining the ways in which the Aboriginal Dreamtime shapes daily Aboriginal behavior, etiquettes and protocol within the workplace and the wider social environment.

 Course content includes:

  • The origins of the Dreamtime Creators and their Dreamtime Purpose
  • The origins of the Dreamtime Spirits and why they remain in the homelands, waters and skies
  • The role the Dreamtime Creators play in creating individual and collective Aboriginal identities
  • How an understanding of the Dreamtime strengthens mutual respect and meaningful relationships between all people across the workplace.

 Participants can expect to gain:

  • An understanding of the skills required to enhance Indigenous Cultural inclusiveness in the workplace
  • Increased knowledge of appropriate ways to supervise and mentor Aboriginal employees
  • Increased understanding of Dreamtime and how it influences recruitment, training, communications, productiveness and performance
  • Increased understanding of how the Dreamtime Creators omnipresence continues to influence daily Aboriginal rituals, belief systems and modern Aboriginal living. 

The course is flexibly designed to be conducted over either 1 or 2 days in-house with additional, optional tour excursions “on country”.  

 Suitable for:

  • Corporate/Government
  • Educational Facilitators
  • Aboriginal Supervisors & Mentors


  • Pricing from $1400 AUD.

To find out more information please contact Margret Campbell