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The Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour

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Dreamtime Southern X and Qantas have partnered together to give international Qantas customers exclusive access to experience the illi Langi – The Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour’ for less. Be touched by the most ancient human culture on earth on a 90-minute leisurely walkabout with an Aboriginal guide in The Rocks, and journey into Dreamtime, the culture of Aboriginal People.

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This leisurely walkabout around The Rocks uncovers the authentic history of the Aboriginal people’s saltwater heritage within Sydney Harbour, their land and water use and their spiritual connection to the adjoining waterways and foreshores.

Aboriginal guides will demonstrate how this place we now know as Sydney continues to weave the Dreamtime Southern X text into it’s modern, built up environment. Discover how to experience contemporary Aboriginal society right in the heart of cosmopolitan Sydney today.

Drawing upon knowledge populated from the oldest ecologists, conservationists, wildlife carers, botanists, astronomers, climatologists and marine biologists on the Earth today, the guides will explain how this ancient wisdom continues to reveal itself within the English settlement of The Rocks.

This is much more than a Tour Itinerary. Discover how we all belong to Country. Don't MISS This Experience!

Itinerary Landscapes

Cadman’s Cottage Is meet point for the tour. Before walking country experience begins, tour group accept custom of OCHRE on hand-that personally acknowledges Earth Mother before we talk about her landscape.

Bligh and Barney Reserve The Dreamtime origins is introduced. why-how, and the Dreamtime events – sun – moon creation stories, Aboriginal saltwater people and its connection to seasonal food sustainability.

Argyle Cut Earth Mother shows in sandstone rock her ochre colors. True meaning of colours on Aboriginal Flag red-black and yellow, and how we use it today with white ochre in Aboriginal ceremonies.

Cumberland Walk Walking higher terrain, see seasonal flora connected to Australia’s Dreamtime Identity not only for Aboriginal people. Continue walking down to Harbor Bridge and its significant Aboriginal site.

Dawes Point Under the Harbour Bridge with amazing views, the tour focuses on white ochre color – TARRA and young girls and young boys preparing for rules – connected to the Whale Visits and Aboriginal sites, such as, the mouth of the Parramatta River flowing into other areas such as the small islands of Cockatoo - Goat - Shark – Fort Denison and Clarke.

Hicksons Reserve Overlooking harbour itself from a unique interpretation of Eora Clans reaction to strange visitors landing in Wocconmagulli - now Bennelong Point/ Opera House /Circular Quay/The Rocks.

Campbells Cove Its Aboriginal fishing economy-lifestyle and the purpose of fresh and saltwater meeting site.

Represents our Birth grandmother and the genetic lineage. These connecting fingers are the basis of our Women’s Business The fingers on the opposite right hand - relate to Men’s Business.
Hours/days of operation


10.30am to 12noon - 90 minutes (1.5hrs)
(except Christmas Day and Good Friday)


Please contact us for further information
Tour Departs fom: Cadmans Cottage 110 George Street, The Rocks
Guests must arrive 15 minutes prior to departure time


Book your flight into Australia with Qantas to access Qantas Passenger Perks – hand-picked deals on Australian experiences. Exclusively for Qantas’ international passengers to Australia.