Teacher's Testimonials

What do our teachers have to say about us?

We're very proud of the excellent feedback we get from teachers. Here are some of the testimonials we've received for The Rocks Aboriginal Dreaming Tour for students K-12.

"Thank you to Aunty Margret, Faith and Joanna for a marvellous day sharing their knowledge and engaging our Year 3 students with their stories."

Kirsten M. - Five Dock, NSW

"The Guides were incredibly engaging and they made the information really easy for the students to understand."

March 2018, Year 9 Teacher

"The knowledge we received was invaluable. Aunt was amazing, she spoke with such knowledge, energy and passion that both myself and the students couldn’t help but want to learn everything she had to share."

March 2018, Secondary Teacher – Years 7-10

"The props were a highlight for me, to see the shells, possum skins, woven basket added an extra level on interest for me. The students loved that they could touch and feel the things the guides were speaking about"

March 2018, Year 9 Teacher

"Our kids really enjoyed the tour and took a lot from it. It was a great lead in to our history unit. The guides had great knowledge of the history and sites we visited and engaged the children really well.”

July 2017, Year 4/5 teacher

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